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Passport Information

A valid passport is required for you to enter and leave the United States and other countries. The application process typically takes from four to eight weeks, so please plan accordingly. 

When applying for a passport, you need the following:  If you already have a passport: 
  • Check to make sure that it has not expired and will not expire for at least 6 months past your planned return to the U.S.
  • Check to make sure you still have plenty of free space for visas as you enter/leave countries.

Visa Information

All students on this program will be provided with information from UNCW on how to obtain a Short-Term Study Visa upon arrival in the United Kingdom. This visa type is easy to obtain for United States citizens, and is free of charge. Please note that students are not permitted to work or participate in an internship on the Short-Term Study Visa. If you are not a US citizen, or have questions about the process, please feel free to contact the UNCW Education Abroad Office directly. 

If you plan to do some independent travel during your time abroad, it is your responsibility to determine what documents (if any) you are required to submit to the embassy or consulate prior to departure in order to obtain a visa. Some countries require visa applicants to make a personal appointment, and appointment slots can fill up fast.

Health Insurance

Students participating in any of our education abroad programs are automatically enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance policy through GeoBlue (formerly known as HTH Worldwide). This insurance is mandatory. GeoBlue covers a wide range of conditions and events and specializes in providing health insurance to both international students studying in the United States and U.S. students studying abroad. GeoBlue's website, GeoBlue students, provides extensive information about the insurance program and its benefits. GeoBlue also has a website specifically designed for parents available here

The cost of the insurance coverage is included in the program fee; however, students may elect to extend coverage or enroll for additional days beyond the length of their program dates at their own expense. 

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