Human Resources

Dual Employment

What is Dual Employment?

Dual employment occurs when an employee of one state agency provides services for another state agency. This includes university employees but not public school teachers. If an employee of a state agency other than UNCW provides services for UNCW, UNCW is the “borrowing agency”. If a UNCW employee provides services for another state agency, UNCW is the “parent agency”.

Who do I contact with my Dual Employment questions?

To start the Dual employment process, please contact your Business Officer  or HR Liaison.

For help with: Contact:
Determining when an employee is a dual employee Talent Acquisition Team
Human Resources
Guidance on CP-30 form for "borrowing"; disbursements/AP questions Joanne Ferguson
Controller's Office
Guidance on travel expenses for "borrowing" Sandy Gladden
Travel/Accounting Office
Guidance on CP-30 form for "parent"; budget questions Budget Office