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General OTM Submission

Submit Your General OTM


Before you write your OTM make sure you know which category it falls under. See below for descriptions of all of the general OTM categories.


An Advisor OTM should focus on the advisory role of the nominee and how they have impacted the growth and development of leaders during the respective month. The OTM should center on how the advisor has interacted with their residents and encouraged them to reach their potential

Example: Area Council Advisor, RHA Advisor


The Community OTM should show the development of the community throughout the month and their interactions with other groups of people to help create a better campus experience.

Example: SAACURH Delegation, Executive Board, Committee, Residence Hall Floor

Executive Board Member

An OTM for an Executive Board Member should recognize a member of a campus-wide organization and show how the nominee has exceeded all expectations of their position for that month.

Example: RHA Executive Board Member, NRHH Executive Board Member


The Faculty/ Staff OTM should focus on the contributions a University Faculty/ Staff member has made, through their work, and positively impacted a residential student or the community as a whole.

Example: Housing and Residence Life Staff, Professors, Maintenance Staff

First Year Student

A First Year Student OTM should focus on the outstanding achievements by any first year student in a residence hall throughout the month. As well as emphasizing how much more amazing the accomplishments are coming from a first year student.

Example: Area Council Members


The OTM for Organization should show the contributions the entire organization has made throughout the month towards achieving the goals of the organization; as well as highlighting their contributions that month to the campus, state, region, and nation.

Example: RHA, NRHH, SGA, ACE

Resident Assistant (RA)

An RA OTM shows how the RA in their area have surpassed the requirements of their position for that month and effectively enhanced the residential experience for students.

Example: Apartment C RA


An OTM written in the Spotlight category is one that fits into no other category but has still made a notable impact on the university community during the month.

Example: Community Members, Businesses, Traditions


A Student OTM focuses on the outstanding achievements a student had made throughout their community both inside and outside of their residence halls. Remember even non-residents can make an impact in the residence halls.

Example: Classmate, Roommate, Area Council President