National Residence Hall Honorary

NRHH Induction Ceremony


Golden Sammy: Given out by eboard members to someone who helped them this year and really made a difference

Outstanding Leadership and Service: This pin is the highest individual honor an NRHH Chapter can award to its members. The pin shall be awarded to NRHH Members (active, alumni, early alumni or honorary) that have provided outstanding leadership and service to their NRHH Chapter.

Bronze Pin: This pin is the highest individual honor given by the RHA or NRHH President. The pin shall be awarded to individuals who have provided leadership and direction to their campus organizations.

Bids for State, Regional, and National Program of the Year, NRHH or RHA President of the Year, Advisor of the Year, Distinguished Service Award, First Year Experience Award, NCC of the Year, Most Improved NRHH or RHA Chapter of the Year, and School of the Year.

SAACURH and NACURH also give out scholarships that members can apply for.