Housing & Residence Life



Tips for a Successful Application

1. If you are a freshman or transfer student, make sure your Admission Enrollment deposit is payed at least 3-5 days prior to applying for on-campus housing.
2. Read the agreement and Campus Living Handbook.
3. Do NOT type @uncw.edu in the EMAIL ID – only type in the first part of the Email (i.e. abc1234).
4. Make sure all affirmation boxes are checked off.
5. CLICK I AGREE before clicking NEXT.
6. If you are 17 - Make sure your co-signature email is a valid email and that you have notified that person to expect an email. They MUST respond in order for your application to be completed.
7. Turn off your pop-up blockers.
8. Does not work on Chromebook in Chrome or Apple’s Safari app due to privacy/security settings – Use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. (Or Chrome but NOT on a Chromebook)
9. If you are having an issue, switch browsers and start again.
10. If the Payment doesn't go through, try a different credit/debit card.
11. Always click the SUBMIT button before exiting the page. If you do not click SUBMIT, the application will not be completed!



Click here to determine your date and time to apply


Be ready to supply your personal information & pay a fee online.

1. Access the housing application via mySeaport
2. Click on the Student Services tab
3. On the bottom Left, click "Apply for On-Campus Housing"
4. Click "Apply"
5. Read the Housing Agreement
6. Check the Affirmation Boxes
7. Sign the agreement using your EMAIL ID without @uncw.edu
8. Click “I AGREE
9. Pay your $105 housing application fee
10. CLICK "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the screen

The $105 Housing Application Fee is non-refundable regardless of enrollment status.



1. Authentication Failed Email ID should not have @uncw.edu

Solution: Delete all text in the EMAIL ID box and retype just the 1st part


2. Agreement Is Required – You’re either on a Chromebook or your Chrome Browser has extensions/privacy settings preventing the contract from registering on your screen

Solution: Switch to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and start from the beginning


3. Problem Accepting the Agreement, Contact Housing – 1 of 2 Possible Issues 

1) Your work/school firewall is blocking the website from completing its process

2) Your browser extensions/privacy settings are preventing the website from completing the process (to include Apple’s Safari app)

Potential Solutions:

1) Use a personal computer/cell phone that is not connected to the same network/wi-fi as the work/school

2) Switch to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and start from the beginning


For all other errors or for help with your application, please call 910-962-3241 or email housing@uncw.edu


Step-by-Step Guide by Student Type

FULL DETAILS: https://uncw.edu/housing/prospective_students/roomsignup.html

Download this Next Steps - Application Instruction Guide for step by step instructions.(PDF)


1. Once Admitted to UNCW, you may apply for housing TBD - Details coming soon!
2. You must pay your $100 Admission Enrollment Deposit before you can apply for on-campus housing. This is separate from the non-refundable Housing Application Fee.

  • It may take up to 3-5 days for the Deposit to process and allow you access to the Housing Portal. 
3. You may access the housing application 2 ways on your MySeaport:
  • Via your Teal Ticket
  • Or through the Student Services Tab

If you are under the age of 18 at the time you submit the agreement, you must have a Parent/Guardian co-sign your agreement. They will receive an email with a link and a Code once you sign your agreement.

Your application will NOT be complete until this co-signature has been submitted.


    • Go back to the Landing page and click on “Preferences”.
    • Complete the living/social questionnaire.
    • This is used for roommate matching during the assignment process. Please answer as accurately and truthfully as possible.
    • If you have a specific roommate in mind, you may submit the name of that person as a preferential roommate. 

PREFERENCES ARE NOT GUARANTEED: We cannot always accommodate student requests. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any particular building, room, or roommate preferences. However, we try our best to match as many criteria as possible so your on-campus living can feel like your “home away from home”.


Each Living Learning Community is assigned to a specific area of campus. You may select up to 3 building preferences and 1 roommate preference; However, the Living Learning Community you join will determine where you will be assigned and typically your requested roommate must, also, be a member of that community. University College should be able to provide more information about their process and programs.

Need Special Accommodations? If you require a reasonable accommodation that could influence your housing assignment, please contact our Disability Resource Center as soon as possible to submit a Disability Accommodation Request form.


    • Housing assignments are made based on housing application completion date and preferences.
    • Most students will receive their assignment prior to the first Orientation session.
    • A Notification of Assignment email will be sent to your UNCW email with instructions on how to view your assignment and roommate information on your MySeaport.
    • Meal Plans - All students classified as a new, full time freshman are required to live in on-campus housing and participate in one of the "All Access" meal plans for their first academic year. If prior to move-in, your orientation will review meal plans and sign-up procedures in detail.


DATES: https://uncw.edu/housing/students/return-to-the-nest-details.html 

FULL DETAILS: https://uncw.edu/housing/students/return-to-the-nest-details.html 


TBD - Details coming soon!