Housing & Residence Life

Housing Appeals and Concerns


The following information provides instructions for filing appropriate housing requests or appeals. Please choose one of these options when filing requests or appeals:

  1. General Housing Agreement Appeals (reasons other than Medical, ADA or Behavioral Health issues)
  2. Requests for Accommodations or Housing Agreement Appeals based on ADA Accommodations
  3. Requests for Exceptions or Appeals based on Medical and Behavioral Health Reasons


Housing Agreement Appeals

Students are responsible for adhering to their contracted obligations and following all housing policies and procedures. If extenuating circumstances arise then the Department, at its discretion, will consider appeals related to the Housing Agreement. If upon initial review, Housing does not grant the appeal, it will be automatically forwarded to the Housing Agreement Review Board. Students must fill out the form below and email the completed form to hrlappealsandconcerns@uncw.edu. Housing and the Housing Agreement Review Board only reviews appeals that do not include medical, ADA, and dietary requests.

HRL Housing Agreement Appeal Form


Requests for ADA Accommodations

If you have a housing request based on a documented disability, please contact the Disability Resource Center to register and to submit documentation from your healthcare provider to determine appropriate academic and housing accommodations.  Housing and academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities are determined based on the need for equal access.  Unlike IDEA, the law that governs disability support up through high school, the ADA determination is not made based on a perceived additional benefit to the student.  A link to the Disability Resource Center for more information and to register can be found https://uncw.edu/disability/students/policiesprocedures.html.  You will be notified by DRC of approved academic and/or housing accommodations.  Approved housing ADA accommodations and Housing Agreement appeals based on ADA accommodations will then be sent to HRL, who will contact you to set up process of providing the necessary arrangements.

Dietary Needs or Restrictions
If a student has special dietary needs or restrictions, Campus Dining can accommodate the student to make sure they get the most out of their Meal Plan. For any dietary and/or nutritional concerns, please contact the Campus Dietician, Chelsea Stant (MS, RD, LDN), at Stantc@uncw.edu or 910.962.7621.

Housing Accommodations and Agreement Appeals Based on ADA Accommodations Form


Requests for Exceptions or Appeals based on Medical and Behavioral Health Reasons

If you have a housing exception or room request based on a documented medical or psychiatric condition, please fill out the following form together with your healthcare provider: 

https://uncw.edu/healthservices/shc_records.html.  In our experience many requests are already satisfied by the new style and range of housing options on campus.  An exceptions request committee composed of medical and psychological professionals will review your documentation and notify you of the outcome of the review. After receiving recommendations from the committee, if your exception request or housing agreement appeal is supported, HRL will contact you about room changes, approved housing exceptions, or successful appeals to the housing agreement.

Housing Request/Appeal for Medical/Behavioral Health Form


Do You Wish to Share a Concern?

Students wishing to express a concern to Housing and Residence Life can fill out the form below and email the completed form to hrlappealsandconcerns@uncw.edu. If you wish to submit an anonymous complaint, you may do so without providing your name or any other identifying contact information. Please be aware that if you do not submit any contact information, Housing and Residence Life is unable to contact you for additional information or to update you on the status of your concern.

HRL Concern Form









If you have trouble accessing this form or have a question regarding your form, you may email HRLappealsandconcerns@uncw.edu directly.