There are so many ways to serve!

Everyone can make a difference in our communities. Whether you want to volunteer your time, serve on a nonprofit board, raise money, donate food, or partner in another way, we can help you make that happen.

We encourage you to find ways to volunteer with others: friends, co-workers, families, neighbors... anyone you find can be a possible partner in community work. It is always more fun to volunteer in a group.

Community Service Leave at UNCW

In recognition of the state's diverse needs for volunteers to support schools, communities, citizens and non-profit organizations, and recognizing the commitment of state employees to engage in volunteer service, paid time up to 24 hours per year may be granted for many types of opportunities, including:

  • Involvement in a child's school
  • Tutoring and mentoring in schools (can go up to 36 hours per year)
  • Volunteer activity in the schools or a community service organization
  • Volunteering in a state public university, community college system, or state agency provided that it is outside of the employee's normal duties

A comprehensive list and more information can be found in the Community Service Leave Policy.

More information for opportunities available to faculty and staff can be found on the Dare to Learn Academy portal, and students can learn more by contacting OSLE. Participation in these events on an individual basis or as part of a team.

If you are a community organization, school, or unit of local government and would like to have one of your upcoming volunteer calls listed, please contat the Office of Community Engagement (, Ms. Scot Kelly, (, or Ms. Michel Shackelford (

Community Service Awards

The university regularly recognizes faculty and students who are active in engaged learning, scholarship, and service in several awards.

The Office of Community Engagement offers two awards that recognize staff and community partners who further the mission of the university as an engaged institution. More information about these awards as well as a list of past recipients is available on the awards page.