"Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.”

-- Dorothy Height, 1994 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient

There are so many ways to serve!

Everyone can make a difference in our communities. Whether you want to volunteer your time, serve on a nonprofit board, raise money, donate food, or partner in another way, we can help you make that happen.

We encourage you to find ways to volunteer with others: friends, co-workers, families, neighbors... anyone you find can be a possible partner in community work. It is always more fun to volunteer in a group. community web platform

engagesencThe Engage Southeast North Carolina Community platform ( is a new web-based tool to help scholars, educators, organizations, community members, decision makers, and philanthropic funders in Columbus, Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender and Onslow County cross boundaries and collaborate on projects to improve the quality of life in Southeastern North Carolina. This platform will help dedicated organizations:

  • Learn about the demographics and post events in each of the 5 counties in Southeastern North Carolina.
  • Identify issues and initiatives that are important to the citizens and organizations of Southeastern North Carolina.
  • Collaborate across geographical boundaries and diverse backgrounds to achieve common outcomes. Using team management tools, dedicated organizations can share information and resources that help partners achieve a common goal.
  • Map the organizations, demographics, and resources of a given area to identify areas of concern for communities in Southeastern North Carolina. Using Engage SENC's Asset Mapping tool, you can filter local organizations by geographic area, organization type and service provided to identify gaps and areas of need in our communities.
  • Post applied learning and volunteer opportunities for those in the area, as well as discover individuals who would like to serve the nonprofit and government sectors with our Share Resources tab.

A partnership between CHHS, QENO, United Way of the Cape Fear Area, Urban Institute, and the Office of Community Engagement, among others, the goal of this platform is to provide a tool for individuals and organizations to discover the resources available in Southeastern North Carolina and identify areas of need facing our region.

Please take time to look at the EngageSENC website, as it provides a way for university and community members to list opportunities for partnerships. The Office of Community Engagement will monitor that space and facilitate communication between the university and community organizations and institutions.

Community Service Leave for UNCW Staff Members

In recognition of the state's diverse needs for volunteers to support schools, communities, citizens and non-profit organizations, and recognizing the commitment of state employees to engage in volunteer service, paid time up to 24 hours per year may be granted for:

  • Involvement in a child's school
  • Tutoring and mentoring in schools (can go up to 36 hours per year)
  • Volunteer activity in the schools or a community service organization
  • Volunteering in a state public university, community college system, or state agency provided that it is outside of the employee's normal duties

For more information visit

The university supports community service for its employees!

Learn about service opportunities

Links to the left will take you to a list of service opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Staff members should be aware that the state provides 24 horus a year for community service. Anyone can sign up for these events as an individual or bring together a bunch of colleagues to register as a group; contact information for volunteering is included on the page.

If you are a community organization, school, or unit of local government and would like to have one of your upcoming volunteer calls listed, please email Ms. Scot Kelly at

Learn more about our diversity units' service initiatives

Each of the diversity centers affiliated with the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion engaged in many diversity-related, community-based iniatives. The link to the left will take you to a page that outlines each of these projects.

Community Service awards

The university regularly recognizes faculty and students who are active in engaged learning, scholarship, and service in several awards. Two new awards from the Office of Community Engagement offer recognition for staff and community partners who further the mission of the university as an engaged institution. You can read more about the awards and see the guidelines for nomination using the link to the left.