MS Computer Science & Information Systems


Advanced Study: Project Management

As part of the degree requirements, students complete a research project or theses in an area of interest to them. This enhances their expertise in an area. 

Project management is applying the knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute. The MS CSIS at UNCW provides opportunity for advanced study in project management through:


To earn the MS CSIS degree, candidates must successfully complete core courses directly related to project management:

In addition, elective courses and programs through the UNCW Cameron School of Business allow students to further their experience in project management:

Expert Faculty

Students who want to specialize in systems analysis can study independently with faculty who actively research and publish in the field.

Projects with Industry Professionals

Students get the opportunity to pursue individual research projects as their capstone project for this degree program. The capstone is completed with the guidance, expertise, and support of faculty usually over the course of a year. In many cases, capstone projects solve a real-world problem and industry professionals participate on committees.


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