Campus Life

Events and Reservations Policies and Procedures

To determine your Group Number:

Organizations wishing to hold an event in in any Campus Life facility are assigned a group classification for the purposes of fee pricing. You may determine which group your organization falls under using the criteria below.

Descriptions of the three groups of clients that use Campus Life facilities. Group 1: Registered Organizations and Departments. Group 2: UNCW Group 1 entities charging admission or registration. Group 3: External groups

Group 1

UNCW Registered Organizations and University Departments (Room fees do not apply)

Group 2

UNCW Group 1 entities charging admission or registration, receiving sponsorships, and/or receiving financial contribution in any form. External groups that have secured sponsorship by University departments or registered student organizations in which the department or organization becomes the sole contact and responsible entity for the event.

Group 3

External (off campus) Groups

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UNCW/Jamie Moncrief

Facility Reservations

Reservations are processed in the order in which they are received via the Campus Reservation System . Once you place your request it is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation number from the Reservation & Event Services Office. Only the on campus food service provider, Aramark, is permitted to serve food in the facilities. If you require food or beverages, please contact UNCW Catering at 910.962.3600.

Data Projector Use Within Campus Life Facilities

In order for Campus Life to successfully support your audio-visual needs, projectors and audio-visual equipment in the Campus Life Facilities (Fisher Student Center, Fisher University Union, Burney Center and Warwick Center) must be reserved in advance. In addition, a technician is required and there is an equipment use charge that allows the costs of maintenance and replacement of equipment to be covered.

This can be done through 24 hours a day/7 days per week, please allow 2 business days for a response.

Please attempt to make all reservations more than seven (7) days in advance, last minute events may be accommodated with additional charges.

Click here for a full listing of the fee schedule.

For further information, please call 962-4150

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