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Burney Ballroom B

Burney Center - BC1002B

Burney Ballroom B


Ballroom B is the middle, smaller, ballroom in the Burney Center, and can be linked to Ballroom A, Ballroom C, or both Ballrooms A and C to make one large room for grand events.

Room Type Ballroom
Dimensions 40' x 67'
Area (Square Ft.) 2,769
Regular Setup & Capacity

No option of Auditorium setup with stage.

Auditorium (without stage) for 258,

Banquet for 165,

Conference (with stage) for 100,

Conference (without stage) for 150

Audio, Visual & Technology

WIreless Access

Wall Data / Comm. Port

Ceiling-mounted LCD projector *

Lighting Adjustable Fluorescent and Incandescent
Floor Covering Hardwood
Windows None
Window Treatment None
Electrical Wall Duplex Outlet(s)

* Additional Fee is Required