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Professional Selling Typical Jobs

Inside sales is referred to as the selling of products or services by phone or through an online medium instead of meeting with clients face to face. This is heavily centered around using the phone, email, internet, etc. Typically, these individuals sell a higher quantity of a said product. This type of sales position may better suit a timid individual. The inside sales industry is growing at a much faster rate than outside sales due to the increase of new technology over the years. Skills Needed: persistence, ability to do research, active listening, quick thinking.
Outside sales is referring to the sale of products or services by sales personnel who meet customers face to face. These individuals may travel often and may work synchronously/ asynchronously or a combination of the two. Typically, people working in outside sales make a higher salary/ commission than those in inside sales. This type of position may better suit someone who has a bold or bubbly personality. Skills Needed: strategic, ability to make and maintain relationships, situational awareness, planning.
Medical device sales is a highly competitive and demanding field that has increasingly large earning potential. This field is growing since the population is continuing to age which keeps the industry relevant. This would be a primarily face-to-face position. In this position, you are regularly meeting with health care professionals to discuss the benefits of the products your company is selling. There are different specializations under medical device sales including medical devices, medical equipment, biotechnology, etc. There will be necessary training depending on the specialization that you choose. This field also requires that you stay up to date with the constantly changing industry trends. Skills needed: Passion of field, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, technical writing, data analytics, flexibility, networking ability
A pharmaceutical sales representative (PSR) meets face-to-face with physicians and other medication-prescribing professionals on evolutions in the pharmaceutical industry. They will meet with doctors to give them the knowledge about new drugs and treatments that will allow them to provide exceptional and advanced care to their patients. This position will require that you be well versed in pharmacology, the science of medicine which includes the uses and effects of the drugs on the human body. PSR’s usually travel but typically within a specific region. They may also speak at large events to spread the word about whichever new drug they are trying to promote awareness about. Individuals interested in this position should consider a minor in biology or chemistry. Skills needed: Negotiation, analytics, intellectual capacity to understand the science behind the drug, persuasive, persistent, fully knowledgeable about product
The purpose of a technology sales representative is to identify and connect customers who can benefit from your company’s specific innovative product. This usually includes hardware, software, and services. Your goal would be to promote your product as much as possible by putting together packages that will benefit the client. You would also be responsible for making sure that your client is getting what they said they wanted out of the product. A person in this field could be involved with the selling aspect or solving technical issues with the company’s product. This is a fast-paced industry in which technology is constantly being updated. One of the perks of this position would be getting to be one of the first involved in knowing about cutting edge technology that is being developed. A person wanting to go into this field might consider a minor in analytics or computer science. Skills needed: Interest in big data, product knowledge, consulting, relationship management and teamwork
A business development manger’s primary goal is to identify and generate new business opportunities. This person will develop a client database and identify target clients for their team to take to the next level. This person will make sales calls, have face to face meetings with clients, and secure new accounts. Skills Needed: patience, ability to be persistent, ability to develop a marketing plan that would intrigue specific customers, negotiation experience, time management skills.


  • MKT 343 - Marketing Intelligence & Communications (MKT 340)
  • MKT 348 - Professional Selling (MKT 340)
  • MKT 441 - Sales Strategy and Technology (MKT 340, MKT 348)
  • MKT 448 - Sales Management (MKT 348, MKT 340)
  • MKT 445 - Marketing Strategy (MKT 340, MKT 343, plus 9 hours of upper division Marketing courses)

*Prerequisites in (parenthesis)

  • MKT 342 - Social Media Marketing (MKT 340)
  • MKT 344 - Branding (MKT 340)
  • MKT 345 - Sports Marketing (MKT 340)
  • MKT 346 - Retail Management (MKT 340)
  • MKT 347 - Promotion Management (MKT 340)
  • MKT 349 - Consumer Behavior (MKT 340)
  • MKT 440 - Marketing Analytics (MKT 343)
  • MKT 442 - International Marketing (MKT 340, INB 300)
  • MKT 443 - Marketing Research Design (MKT 340, MKT 343)
  • MKT 444 - Digital Marketing Analytics (MKT 340)
  • MKT 446 - Healthcare Marketing (MKT 340)
  • MKT 447 - Services Marketing (MKT 340)
  • MKT 448 - Sales Management (MKT 348)
  • MKT 495 - Seminar: Special Topics in Marketing (MKT 340)