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A person sits with their feet up, holding a pillow that defines the word “Writer”

Professional Writing Certificate

Increase Your Employability With an Extra Credential
  • 12%

    Job Outlook for Technical Writers, 2020-30 per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • $74.6 K

    Median 2020 Pay for Technical Writers in the U.S. was $74,650 per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • 103

    Among Public National Universities, U.S. News & World Report

Find your career in:

Use your writing skills to report news in a variety of formats.

Determine the content for a publication.

Write proposals, reports, and other corporate communications.

Communicate scientific research to the public or a professional audience.

Create content for digital platforms.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Adapt information to the needs of specific audiences

Create a variety of usable texts that respond to specific organizational needs

Describe and assess your own development as a producer and consumer of texts

Professional Writing Certificate Program Overview