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Africana Studies Minor

Explore the Many Facets of the African American Experience
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Africana Studies Minors have careers in:

Africana Studies is an excellent minor for those interested in working in government, politics, or public and international affairs.

The minor explores Africana influences in art and music, and prepares students for performance careers.

Alumni work as physicians, dentists, and scientists. 

The minor will provide you with a solid understanding of the African American literary tradition and its impact.

Students are prepared for careers in business and industry, both domestic and international.
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program completion feature

Learn To:

Understand Africana peoples, places, thought, and cultures and their current and historical role in shaping the world in which we live.

Students will gain knowledge about world and national economies, political development, artistic expression, technological development and environmental changes and challenges.

Students will explore African American, African, South American, African-Caribbean contributions to Art, Religion, History, Literature, Architecture, Engineering, and participate in community development and improvement.

Students will explore through an interdisciplinary lens the intersectionality of race, gender, and class and their place in social, psychological, political, literary and historical actions.

Africana Studies Minor Program Overview