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Task Two: Instruction and Video

Two Parts to Task Two

You MUST refer to the Task 2, "What Do I Need to Do?" section of your program handbook to determine:

  • Number of clips required or allowed
  • Length of clip(s)
  • Which students can or must be included in the clip (i.e. whole class? small group? focus learners?).

You MUST have consent forms for ALL students in the video.

Click below for a sample parent permission form. Electronic (Google Form) copies and the most current versions can be found in Canvas.

  • English
  • Spanish

See the Making Good Choices Guide and view the video below for additional Task 2 information.

Review the Prior to Filming tips and the edTPA Video Guidelines to determine the best placement for yourself, students, and the video camera in the classroom.  Your partnership teacher can also help with the video recording.

Use the VIDEO TIPS AND TRICKS JOB AID to help you trim and compress your videos.


Write your commentary responses based ONLY on the video clips. Remove statements that include assumptions of learning and focus on specific evidence of learning from the video.

***Make sure you are using the Task Two Written Commentary Template downloaded from TaskStream.

Planning Instruction Assessment
  • Instructional and social context
  • Lesson Plans and instructional materials, student assessments
  • Planning Commentary
  • Video Clips (2 clips totaling no more than 20 minutes)
  • Instruction Commentary
  • Analysis of whole class assessment
  • Analysis of learning and feedback to THREE students
  • Assessment Commentary

Analysis of Teaching Effectiveness
Academic Language Development