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Task One: Planning and Academic Language

Three Parts to Task One

Start by learning as much as possible about your school and the students in your class. You will use this information to fill out your Context for Learning template. 



2. Use your knowledge of your school, class, and students and co-plan with your partnership teacher to identify your central focus and write your lesson plans (the 3-5 plan learning segment). 

***CLICK HERE for a video on lesson plan templates for edTPA. Use the Canvas edTPA Support Course or ask your supervisor if you have any questions.



Reflect on your plans using the Planning Commentary template. Remember that this is your PLANNING for your intended teaching, so all responses should be written in the future tense, addressing what you will do in your instruction of this learning segment.

***Make sure you are using the Task One Written Commentary Template downloaded from TaskStream.

Planning Instruction Assessment
  • Instructional and social context
  • Lesson Plans and instructional materials, student assessments
  • Planning Commentary
  • Video Clips (2 clips totaling no more than 20 minutes)
  • Instruction Commentary
  • Analysis of whole class assessment
  • Analysis of learning and feedback to THREE students
  • Assessment Commentary

Analysis of Teaching Effectiveness
Academic Language Development