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Each content area has its own handbook that includes details and guidance about meeting your specific certification requirements. You will have access to your content area handbook through your edTPA Taskstream account. Click here for a video tutorial on how to access them through Taskstream.

All candidates should review the Making Good Choices guide (a summary support guide for candidates in all content areas and Special Education) to help complete your edTPA. This a general guide (not specific to any content area like the handbooks), but gives an excellent overview of the requirements.

View Making Good Choices handbook

An overview of required documentation is provided below.  More detailed information about the file types, number of files, and labeling can be found in the Evidence Chart, located before the Glossary at the back of each edTPA handbook.

Submission Resources

Passing Total Rubric Scores  

13 Rubrics 34
15 Rubrics 38
18 Rubrics 45

If your submission does not meet the requirements, a condition code may be applied during the scoring process instead of a numerical score for one or more rubrics. If your portfolio contains a condition code or did not meet the passing score level, you can resubmit one or more tasks for a retake.

 Retake Resources

edTPA Student Support Sessions for WCE Interns

Fall 2023 edTPA Go-To Guide

Student Support Sessions

All meetings will be held on Zoom during the specified times for your program. After the initial whole-group overview session, all sessions will be optional and are designed to supplement the edTPA Canvas Course. The submission day support will be in-person on campus. 


Email the edTPA Support Team at or contact Jenn Hatch Knight, WCE edTPA Student Support Coordinator, at 910.962.4246.