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In an Emergency

Operating Status and Response Actions

Operating Status and Response Actions
Classes Canceled Period of time when classes will not take place at UNCW.
University Closed No business operations will occur on campus. No UNCW faculty, staff or students will be allowed on campus unless designated as emergency personnel. 
Adverse Weather Policy See HR Adverse Weather Policy for details.
Shelter in Place Resident students will be allowed to remain on campus instead of evacuating, however, students will not be allowed to leave the residence halls.
Voluntary Evacuation Students are encouraged to leave campus for a safer location but are not required to do so. Some on-campus services or activities may be limited.
Mandatory Evacuation An evacuation order in which students are required to leave campus for a safer location.  All residence halls will be locked and all entrances to campus blocked.
University Open Accesses to campus will open to traffic, UNCW students, faculty, and staff. Business operations and education processes will resume where possible. However, classes may or may not resume at this time and residence halls may or may not remain closed. UNCW reserves the right to partially open the university for business operations and continue the cancellation of classes if necessary. This will be specified in public announcements.

Additional Information

Students living on campus should contact their RC/RA.

Off-campus students should contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Faculty/Staff should contact their supervisors.

Emergency & Safety

The safety of our faculty, staff, students and guests is UNCW's highest priority. Visit the Emergency & Safety Page to learn more about how UNCW prepares for the unexpected and keeps the campus and community informed about actions resulting from severe weather and other emergencies.