Academic Affairs

Provost Staff

Office of the Provost

Cameron School of Business

  • Donna Kurtz, Executive Assistant

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Vacant, Executive Assistant

College of Health and Human Services

  • Ashlee Jensen, Executive Assistant

Graduate, Continuing, and Lifelong Education

  • Marybeth Phillips, Executive Assistant

High Impact Practices, Community Partnerships and the Arts

  • Chloe Kitts, Executive Assistant

Institutional Research and Planning

  • JoAnn Daley, Executive Assistant

Research and Innovation

Resource Management

  • Janice Lejarza, Executive Assistant

Academic Personnel Administration

  • Deanna Tirrell, Director
  • Erika Byrd, Administration Specialist
  • Inga Delts, Administration Specialist
  • Susan Gray, Administration Specialist
  • Rhianna S. Radabaugh, Administration Specialist

Academic Resource Administration

  • Shalin Hale, Director
  • Karen Barnhill, Business Officer
  • Elizabeth Lee, Business Services Coordinator
  • Trent Rackley, Business Officer
  • Christine Reed, Business Services Coordinator

Student Engagement, Enrollment and Retention

  • Kathryn Owens, Executive Assistant

Teaching, Learning and Library Servicees

  • Angie Edwards, Executive Assistant

Undergraduate Education and Faculty Affairs

Watson College of Education

  • Colleen Opalka, Executive Assistant