Academic Affairs

faculty roles responsibilities and rewards graphic

What Is the Goal of the FR3 Task Force?

The task force works as an advisory committee to the Provost that examines and describes faculty roles as they currently exist at UNCW.

The results will be used to recommend ways of better aligning faculty assignments and enhance faculty members' opportunities to be professionally successful with our rewards structure.

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Understanding Faculty Roles & Responsibilities

Faculty 'Roles' refers to the tasks and activities our faculty members perform. The FR3 Task Force Membership works to gather information on the many dimensions of faculty members' daily life and understand the proportional distribution of their efforts. The areas these activities can often be categorized include:

  • Research
  • Scholarly Activity
  • Teaching and All Related Activities
  • Creative Activity
  • Service to Students and Community
  • Administrative Duties

The Many Elements of UNCW Rewards

While the tendency may be to focus on rewards such as tenure, promotion, and salary, faculty rewards covers a much broader array of acknowledgements, honors, and awards. Programs such as the Awards for Excellence, Educational Leave, and Faculty Development, Research, and Service grants all constitute elements of UNCW's rewards system. Other rewards are less formalized, such as the amount of departmental travel funds or office and research space allocated to a particular faculty member.