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Provost Committee: CSURF Advisory Board

CSURF Advisory Board

Duties: The CSURF Advisory Board makes decisions regarding the Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships policies and priorities to best meet its mission. Its members represent the interests of the various constituencies we serve. Board members commit to meeting approximately four times a year, including review of supply grant proposals, review of submissions for the Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and to participate in CSURF-sponsored events.

Membership: Sixteen voting members, representing the Colleges and the Professional School, recommended by the CSURF Director. Eight ex-officio voting members including the Director and Associate Director of Honors, the Assistant Director of CSURF, the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Director of Applied Learning, the Chair of Faculty Senate’s Research Committee, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the Dean of the Graduate School. With the exception of ex- officio members, members will serve 2 year staggered terms, renewable two times.