Academic Affairs

Provost Committee: Center for Faculty Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee

Mission Statement
Center for Faculty Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee
Operating Procedures

The Center for Faculty Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee was established at the request of the provost. Its sole purpose is to serve in an advisory capacity to the CFL for the review and implementation of CFL programs.

The CFL Advisory Committee will meet on at least a semi-annual basis. Typically, these two meeting will occur on Reading Day (May and Dec) between 12-2 pm in the CFL/CTE conference room. Special meetings may be called by the Director of the CFL.

Composition and Replacement:
The CFL Advisory Committee is composed of eleven (11) members. To ensure balanced representation across the university, the composition of the board should include: two (2) faculty members from CAS, WSE, CSB, and CHHS; two (2) current or former department chairs; and one (1) associate dean. The Director of the CFL will serve as the Chair of the Advisory Committee.

If a board member leaves before the end of his or her designated term, the Director of the CFL will arrange for a replacement (to complete the initial term of service) by either soliciting volunteers from the faculty or by coordinating with the appropriate administrator (vice chancellors or deans).

Length of Appointment:
All board members will receive staggered terms of either two (2) or three (3) years.

Decision Making Model:
The role of this board is advisory only and every effort will be made to reach consensus on recommendations before the board. Should an occasion arise when consensus cannot be reached, the Chair will call for an informal "straw vote" by a show of hands. In any event, members are expected to conduct themselves in a collegial manner. The Chair also reserves the right to set time limits on individual speakers to ensure that all members have the opportunity to participate. Robert's Rules of Order will be used as a guide for conducting the business of the Advisory Board.

Any suggested revisions to these procedures may be made to the Director of the Center for Faculty Leadership for consideration.