Academic Affairs

The Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award

Nature of Awards and Recognition: The Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award is the most prestigious award conferred at UNCW. The purpose of the award is to underscore the importance of teaching and to encourage, identify, recognize, reward, and support excellence in teaching and teaching-related activities across the University. Recipients of the award manifest excellence as a way of life and stand out among the faculty as persons who have made and continue to make a significant contribution to higher education through their dedication and service to students. The award carries with it both an honor and a responsibility: it identifies a member of the faculty as a person of excellence, and it calls upon that person so honored to share that excellence with colleagues and students.

The recipient chosen by the chancellor from the annual recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award and announced at the fall faculty meeting, receives a medallion to wear to official ceremonies (University Convocations and Commencements), a one-time stipend and a designated parking space for one year. Recipients' names will be engraved on a plaque.

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