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Group Counseling

General Information about Groups

Each semester the Counseling Center sponsors several structured, support or process groups.  Typical groups consist of 4 - 10 students along with a staff facilitator that meet for approximately 1.5 hours once a week.  Before joining a group, students will have an opportunity to visit individually with the group leader(s).

Groups offer a helpful alternative or supplement to individual counseling by encouraging participants to interact with others who have similar concerns.  Groups are ideally suited for addressing interpersonal concerns and provide an effective environment to learn new skills and strategies.  

Members often realize that they are not alone in their difficulty and may receive support and feedback from others. Group leaders may provide information to help address members' concerns and facilitate a process where group members can learn from each other. 

Groups are designed to be a confidential and a safe place where members can learn and experiment with different behaviors (e.g. interpersonal interactions, relaxation techniques, thought changing techniques, and coping strategies, etc.)

How do I join a group?

If you are already receiving services at the Counseling Center, inform your counselor that you are interested in joining in a group.  If you are not currently receiving services at the Counseling Center, come to the center located on the second floor of DePaolo Hall to complete the paperwork indicating your interest in joining a group.  After completing this paperwork, an appointment will be scheduled for you to visit with a counselor so that you can discuss your interest in joining a group.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact the Counseling Center at 910-962-3746 or come by the center, located on the second floor of DePaolo Hall.  The Counseling Center is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS).

Groups for Fall 2014

Theme Groups

  • We currently have no thematic groups to offer.

General Therapy Groups (pdf file)

Process oriented groups focus on creating strategies to improve specific and general life functioning and providing an opportunity to rehearse those strategies in a safe, supportive environment. Members are expected to make a semester long commitment to attend the 1 1/2 hour sessions that are held each week. (You will meet each week on the same day and time.)

For more information please come by DePaolo Hall second floor, Room 2079, or call (910) 962-3746.



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