About The Department

Our department is thriving with great research ideas that our students and faculty explore together. Students are excited to be chemistry majors, as evidenced by the extraordinary number who graduate each year with an ACS Certified BS degree. Our goal is to make a research experience possible for as many of our students as as we can. Support for undergraduates to work on their research in the summer provides an opportunity for them to make substantial progress. With that goal in mind, we announce the

Jack B. Levy Summer Research Award

The Jack B. Levy Summer Research Award is a $1000 undergraduate summer research award named for Jack Levy, Professor Emeritus. The first award will be made in 2007. Among the volumes of work that Jack did over 38 years at UNCW, he remembers most fondly his 17 years as department chair and his research in collaboration with students. We are hoping that alumni, faculty and friends will join Jack in contributing to a permanent endowment for this award.

For an update on our activities over the last year, we invite you to read our newsletter, a copy of which is posted on our newly designed website http://www.uncw.edu/chem/. If you have any questions or want further information about the department, feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Pamela Seaton, Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW
601 S. College Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403-5932

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