Women's Studies and Resource Center Advisory Board

Mission Statement

Name Department Term
Mr. Brandon Bell Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion 2014-2016

Ms. Ryleigh Brimhall

Student, President Women’s Studies

Student Association


Dr. Amy Cavanaugh

Counseling Center 2014-2016
Dr. Sue Combs College of Health and Human Sciences, Athletics 2014-2016
Ms. Jessica Green Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center 2014-2016
Mr. Adam Hall CARE

Dr. Christina Lanier



Dr. Patricia Lerch Anthropology 2013-2015
Dr. Sandra McLaurin American Association of University Women (AAUW) 2013-2015

Dr. Katherine Montwieler



Dr. Michele Parker

Watson College of Education

and Center for Teaching Excellence


Dr. Nivine Richie

Cameron School of Business 2014-2016
Dr. Chadwick Roberts Communication Studies, 2014 Faculty Award Recipient 2014-2016
Dr. Donyell Roseboro Watson College of Education 2013-2015
Ms. Amy E. Schlag LGBTQIA Resource Office, WGS Instructor 2014-2016
Dr. Shannon Silva Film Studies 2014-2016
Ms. Sara Watstein Randall Library 2013-2015
Ex-officio Non-voting:
Dr. Kathleen Berkeley, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Janet Ellerby, English
Ms. Liz Grimes, Human Resources
Dr. Katie Peel, Women's Studies and Resource Center
Dr. Carol Pilgrim, Psychology
Dr. Edelmira Segovia, Interim Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

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