Youth Programs

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Contact Us

If you have questions or would like more information about any of our programs, please feel free to contact us.

Youth Programs: (910) 962-2640

Department of Youth Programs
UNCW Watson College of Education
601 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5614

MarineQuest Contact Information
Location: 5500 Marvin K. Moss Lane

Engineering Expectations Contact Information
Location: 626 MacMillan Avenue.

Director, Youth Programs

Sue Kezios, PhD

(910) 962-2118 office phone

Budget Coordinator

Kimberly Cockrell

(910) 962-3971 office phone

MarineQuest Director

Erin Moran

(910) 962-2992 office phone

K-12 Engineering Interim Director

Jasmine Gaston 

(910) 962-7137 office phone

MarineQuest School Program Coordinator

Harris Muhlstein

(910) 962-3795 office phone

Registration, Marketing, & Communications Associate

Deirdre Scanlon

(910) 962-2939 office phone

MarineQuest Volunteer & Research Assistant

Nina Sassano

(910) 962-7783 office phone


Jonathan Watkins

(910) 962-3195 registration phone