Web Publishing at UNCW

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Personal, Student, & Student Org Websites

Personal web space is provided for faculty, staff and students on the uncwpeople (people.uncw.edu; faculty and staff) and uncwstudent (student.uncw.edu; students) web servers. Student organizations are also provided web space on the uncwstudent server (student.uncw.edu/org/).

Faculty & Staff Personal Website

Student Personal Websites

  • Every student that has an active e-mail account already has a personal web folder on the STUDENT web server.
  • Directories are located at \\uncwstudent\WWW\your-account-name
  • The URL to your personal site is: http://student.uncw.edu/your-account-name/
  • How to upload files to your student web folder
  • You are responsible for the design, content and maintenance of your personal website. The UNCW web team offers limited support and we do not build or code sites on the student server. 

Student Organization Websites

  • Need a Student Org Site?
    • You must been a registered Student Org with the Campus Activities and Involvement Center.
    • Your student organization information, including current officers, must be updated and at available at: https://uncw.campuslabs.com/engage/organizations 
    • The president of the organization must submit a request for a student organization web space using the UNCW Website Permission Requests. Below are instructions for filling out the form:
      • indicate the names of the officer(s) that need access to the site in the "First & Last Name of the Person who needs Permissions" section.
      • Provide the officer(s) UNCW email address in the "What is the UNCW email address of the person who needs permissions?" section. 
      • Please indicate if the officer(s) is a "Faculty/Staff Member, Grad. Student or Undergrad Student"
      • Please mark "student.uncw.edu" for the "Which web server does the person need permissions for?"
      • Your Web URL will be http://student.uncw.edu/org/organization-name
      • In the "Descirption of Issue" you must indicate if you need a student org folder created, as well as provide your Student Organization Wave Link URL. In order to receive a web space your club must be a registered student organization.
        *Please note: You're student org WaveLink profile must be up-to-date, as we need to verify that the person submitting the request is part of the student organization. 
  • Need Access to a Student Org Site?
    • If you need access, the current president of the student organization must submit a UNCW Website Permission Requests ticket.  
      *Please note: Your student org WaveLink profile must be up-to-date, as we need to verify that the person submitting the request is the president of the student organization. 
  • Accounts will be set up on the STUDENT web server.
  • Directories will be located at \\uncwstudent\www\org\account-name
  • How to upload files to your student organization web folder