Web Publishing at UNCW

Social Media Logos

Registering Your Account

Have you registered your social media account on the UNCW Social Media Directory? This will allow your account to be officially recognized by the university. With that recognition comes:

  • The ability to collaborate with an OUR graphic designer to utilize the official UNCW house logo on your account
  • Cross promotion with colleagues
  • Re-posts, comments and interactions with the official UNCW accounts

Please make sure that your social media account adheres to these guidelines.

Using Social Media on Your Website

You've done the hard work of creating and maintaining a social media account for your department/unit - now, make sure people know about it: 

  • Code your social media feed into your page so that people see it when they visit your site
  • Provide a place for links to social media posts that your audience engaged with

Social Media Comments

While we enjoy providing a space in which Seahawks can share ideas and engage in robust and civil discussion, UNCW reserves the right to remove any comments that are unrelated to the particular post, constitute illegal harassment, or threaten violence; use obscene language or images; make false or defamatory accusations; contain spam or advertisements; or contain confidential personal information. Repeated violations of these guidelines, or behavior that substantially disrupts the maintenance of a university social media page, could result in a user being blocked from the page. Please refer to the Seahawk Respect Compact for more information about UNCW's expectations.