UNCW Website Redesign Project

Multiple uncw.edu web browsers

A Message from Chancellor Volety

Dear Colleagues,  

I’m pleased to share an update regarding the timeline for the launch of the new and improved UNCW website. A committee comprised of senior leadership has been assessing the needs of campus stakeholders, as well as key dates related to university operations that may be affected by website changes. After careful consideration, the committee has decided that the site will go live on Friday, May 19, 2023. The redesigned website will be previewed for faculty, staff and current students in early May.  

This extended timeline will give content managers ample time to prepare websites and will keep current systems in place for spring commencement. The site will be unveiled in conjunction with the start of summer session on Monday, May 22. Launching at this time will also allow for further refinements before admissions recruitment season.   

Please Prioritize This Important Project

Web team members from the Offices of University Relations and Information Technology Services are in the process of connecting with site owners and content managers across campus to support any needs for adjustments to your websites. Please make your teams available to work with them to get any sites that you manage ready to go live. Any content managers who have not completed the training should do so as soon as possible.  

The leadership committee will be continuing to review progress on the website redesign project. A survey is being sent to content managers periodically to gauge the status of each site. 

I recognize the time and effort that this project requires from many faculty and staff members, and your dedication does not go unnoticed. Thank you for your contribution to giving the website a much-needed update and a more dynamic reflection of all that makes UNCW a university that is truly "like no other.” 

Please review the redesign website for additional details and answers to common questions about the project. 



Aswani K. Volety