Web Publishing at UNCW

Guidebook: UNCW's Official Mobile App

Guidebook is an app that allows UNCW departments, organizations, and offices to easily, sustainably, and inexpensively share events and materials with students and visitors on their mobile devices. You can download UNCW's Guidebook here.

Guidebook Requests

Please follow these steps if your department is interested in purchasing a Guide.

  1. Request a Guide by filling out the form at: https://uncw.edu/guidebook/request.html
  2. Await an approval email from OUR.
  3. Purchase the Guide through UNCW Purchasing.
  4. OUR and ITS will create your Guide then send you an invitation to edit that Guide.
  5. Configure your Guide.
  6. Once your Guide is complete, you will request for your Guide to be published.
  7. Your Guide will be reviewed within one business week.
  8. You will be notified if your Guide was published or if changes need to be made.
Please note that OUR and ITS will periodically check Guides to ensure integrity.