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How do I take the required Web Content Manager & Editor Training?
How do I request Web server access for graduate students?
  • For a graduate student to become a content manager of an official UNCW department website they must first complete the Web Content Manager  training, which is offered online. This training is required before they can be given the appropriate permissions. Please contact Danielle Ferrell at ferrelld@uncw.edu to schedule training.
  • Next, the graduate student needs to fill out the form located here (PDF).
  • Next, your supervisor (director or chair) should submit an IT ticket requesting that you be given permissions to manage the web site.  The completed PDF should lbe attached to this request.
  • The Web Support Team will then administer the appropriate permissions and send you information about how to connect to and manage the site.
How do I get higher search results for my page?
  • If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve your search results, please click here.
How do I request and Interpret my Google Analytics report?
  • Request a report by submitting an ITS Request. In your request please indicate the timeframe that you would like to the report to include, for example, Oct. 15, 2014-Nov. 18, 2015, in addition to the web URL.  When you get your report, you will be able to see who and how people have visited your website, what they did during their visit and much more. Here is a guide to interpreting your report. About your Google Analytics Report (PDF).