Web Publishing at UNCW

Resources for Emergency Communications

This page offers content managers a simple, “at a glance” collection of graphics, messages and links for reference before, during and after emergency events.

Official messages during an emergency may be shared via campus email, UNCWAlert text messages and/or phone calls, the university's social media channels, and/or the homepage (which may drive users to the UNCWAlert site).


Best Practices for Web Content Managers

The Do's

  • Do note event cancellations/updates prominently on your site, particularly if they are featured on the homepage calendar.

  • Do share only official information (UNCW.edu or social media feeds)

  • Do report misinformation/rumors to OUR for clarifying/correcting, or for support correcting it yourself.

  • Do hold any non-emergency-related posts until after the event has passed.

  • Do use your best judgment re. whether your site will serve as an information resource for your audience.
  • Do suggest topics for official messages, FAQs, etc.

  • Do discuss with your manager expectations about remote work during emergencies (site updates, social media).

  • Do ask the Office of University Relations about anything. (See the submit questions button at right.)

 The Don'ts

  • Don’t post non-emergency information on websites or social media accounts during an emergency.

  • Don’t continue digital ad campaigns during the event. (Know in advance how to pause a campaign.)

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself - there is no one perfect way to do this – you’ll hear info is too much or not enough, but not exactly the right amount!

  • Don’t put yourself at risk!