Undersea Vehicles Program

2019 Operations Schedule (PDF)

The following is a list of mission dates, principal investigators, their affiliation, and project titles that the Undersea Vehicles Program will support in 2019. New projects will be added as they are confirmed.
-January 15 - February 5 , 2019:
Tim Battista, NOAA Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
"Seafloor Characterization of St. Croix & Puerto Rico."
-June 5 - June 22, 2019:
Andrew David, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center
"Establish Baseline Estimates of Reef Fish Density and Species Composition Associated With Bottom Features Within and Outside the South Atlantic MPA's"
-July 14 - July 26, 2019:
Emma Hickerson, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
"Stetson Bank LTM Mesophotic surveys & HI 389A"
-September 14 - September 28, 2019:
Suzanne Fredericq & Santiago Herrera, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
"Fredericq Algae Cruise & Sanctuary eDNA project"