Undersea Vehicles Program

Phantom S2 ROV Photographs

The following digital still photographs are a small sample of the pictures taken with the Phantom S2 ROV. To lock in top picture, place cursor on desired thumbnail, push down left mouse button, hold mouse button down and move cursor out of thumbnail area.

full size picture of thumbnail below

Anemoneanemone crab and shrimpcolonial polycaetecolorful ocean floorcolorful softcoralscrinoid and gorgonianfrogfishhydroidsjackknife fish
lionfishmontastria plate coralmud volcanomulticolored softcoralsnudibranchocellated moray eelunicorn octopusoculina coralorange gorgonianorange softcoral polypsorange spongeoyster toadfishpastel softcoralphaeophyta algaered grouper fishrosy razorfishrough tongue bass fishschoolbass fish
scorpion fishsea hareshort bigeye fishslipper lobstersnowy grouper fishspanish flag fishsquidstarfishtube anemoneturtleviolet starfishchristmas tree worm