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Online Writing Consultation

Getting a response to your paper is now easier than ever! While online response is not as in-depth as a face-to-face consultation, it is a good way for students to get some response to a developling draft. To submit a draft, click the link below and fill in all fields:

Online Consultation


Usually, you will receive a response from a writing consultant in your UNCW e-mail account within 2-3 business days (excluding weekends & holidays). However, during busy times of the semester (mid-term, end of the semester) it can take a week or longer to get a response.

* Your paper will be returned as a MS Word document. *
Writing consultants are currently using MS Word 2010.

* We strongly recommend that you submit your draft at least a week before it is due!!*

In order to get an online response you must be a UNCW student.

  • Peer writing consultants responding to drafts online will only respond to "global" revision concerns (i.e. focus, development, organization, audience, etc).
    If you want assistance with "local" revision concerns (how to edit, MLA or APA citation, etc), you need to set an appointment to meet with a peer writing consultant.
  • Papers that are 10 pages or longer cannot be submitted for online response. For lengthy papers, students must set an appointment to meet with a peer writing consultant.
  • You should receive your response within 2-3 business days, but there are times during the semester when it may take longer to receive an e-response (mid-term, exam week, etc). If we cannot get a response to you within 3 business days or before the due date, you will be notified.