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Writing Services

All writers, whatever their experience or expertise, revise what they write.
All writers have outside readers - people who read and respond to a developing text.

For these reasons, Writing Services at the University Learning Center provides several ways for UNCW students to receive response to drafts of their papers while they work on improving their writing skills.

The Writing Center provides one-on-one writing consultations for all students for any academic writing purpose. Sessions are led by faculty-recommended and trained peer writing consultants. Writing consultants help students identify areas in the draft to improve while assisting in the development of specific revision plans. Students will work on their writing skills as the consultant guides them through the revision process.

Online Writing & Learning (OWL) allows students to submit a draft electronically through our website for consultant response. We schedule the submission with a writing consultant who then e-mails the draft with comments to the student's UNCW e-mail. The OWL also includes handouts, guides and helpful links.

The Writing Lab is a small, drop-in space staffed by a peer writing consultant. The Writing Lab is designed to support independent student writers who might have a few questions about a developing draft. The Writing Lab also provides a few computers for students to work on as well as other writing resources.

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