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Writing appointments are not available during the summer sessions. The Writing Lab will be open M-R 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


  • Students can schedule an appointment (also see: how to set an appointment) for any stage of the writing process: brainstorming ideas for a paper, developing an outline, planning revision of a rough draft, or fine-tuning a final draft.
  • The Writing Center is located in the University Learning Center in DE 1003 (on the first floor of DePaolo Hall).
  • Most appointments start with the student reading their paper aloud to the writing consultant.
  • The writing consultant always responds to the student's concerns first, then works with the student to plan other ways to revise the draft.
  • All appointments are scheduled for an hour, giving the student and consultant plenty of time to discuss all aspects of the draft.
  • Students can schedule a follow up appointment with the same consultant or another consultant at the time of their appointment.

See the Writing Center Schedule

How to make the most of your writing consultation:

We ask that students take responsibility for preparing for each consultation. We can't "fix" your writing, but we can help you learn to become a better and more confident writer.

The Responsibilities of Students:
  • Bring a copy of your assignment with you.
  • Bring your notes, ideas, and rough drafts.
  • Bring writing materials.
  • Bring a flashdrive if you want to use a computer.
  • Prior to your visit, think about what you want out of your consultation, and tell the writing tutor what you want to work on.
  • Make appointments well before your paper is due. Writing tutors won't be able to provide much help if you don't have time to revise your paper after the consultation.
The Responsibilities of Writing Consultants:
  • Writing consultants will begin by focusing on what you think needs work in your paper.
  • Writing consultants will make suggestions, not lecture or grade you.
  • Writing consultants will ask you questions to help you imagine ways to revise your draft.
  • Writing consultants will talk with you about focus, content development, organization and audience.
  • Writing consultants will help you learn about punctuation, grammar, and usage.
What Writing Consultants Will Not Do:
  • Writing consultants will not correct or proofread your paper.
  • Writing consultants will not write the paper for you.
  • Writing consultants will not guess what grade the paper might receive.

The Writing Center is closed when classes are not in session.