University Learning Center

Fall 2018 Supported Courses

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BIO 201 Principles of Biology

BIO 202 Biodiversity

BIO 240 and 241 Anatomy and Physiology I and II

BIO 246 Microbiology of Human Diseases

BIO 335 Genetics


CHM 101 General Chemistry

CHM 102 General Chemistry II

CHM 211 Organic Chemistry I

CHM 212 Organic Chemistry II


ECN 221 Micro (certain sections - see schedule)

ECN 222 Macro (certain sections - see schedule)

ECN 324 Financial Markets & Institutions


FIN 335 Principles of Financial Management

FIN 336 Intermediate Corporate Finance


NSG 320 Patho/Pharm I

NSG 335 Patho/Pharm II