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Handouts for Writing in the Disciplines

Every academic discipline has its own writing requirements.

While all formal academic writing shares some common attributes, there are often differences in style and format. For example, all disciplines want audience appropriate, grammatically correct writing. However, some disciplines may want footnotes and others a references page, or some may want you write in the past-tense while others want you to write in the present-tense.

The following handouts, while not comprehensive, are designed to give students an introduction to some of these differences. 

When it comes to ensuring you are meeting all the requirements of style and format, your most important source is your instructor. You should confirm all writing expectations with the instructor of your class before turning in your final draft.

In the meantime, these handouts and a meeting with a writing consultant can help you get started on your paper:


Another resource with great information about writing in the disciplines is on the Minnesota State University website.