University Learning Center

Handbook for Writing Consultants

Writing Services is administered by the Division of Student Affairs and we are housed, with Academic Achievement Services, Math Services, Supplemental Instruction, and Tutoring Services in the University Learning Center. We are partnered with these other programs as the primary services on campus that provide students with peer academic learning assistance outside of their classes.

The University Learning Center has a tradition of being a student-centered space on our campus and that is due, in large part, to the long history of writing support offered by writing consultants in Writing Services. We have provided writing & reading consultations for more than 40 years and average more than 4,000 student visits each year. We have grown because of our dedicated staff, administrative support, and because we respond critically and empathetically to student writers. We work with the entire student body. We are interested in supporting all of our student writers.

Important: It is essential that we make our office as welcoming and comfortable as possible for students. The atmosphere of Writing Services at the ULC should be friendly, interested, and understanding of both the importance of writing and the difficulty of asking for writing help. Many students have the mistaken impression that our services are remedial. We like to stress the fact that besides undergraduates in every discipline, graduate students use our services, and that experienced and even published writers always seek a reader's feedback. In fact, it is most often successful students who realize the benefit of an outside reader and utilize our services.

The following links will provide more detailed information about working as a consultant in the Writing Center:

1. What Writing Consultants Do

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3. Writing Consultant Training Requirements

4. Policies & Procedures

5. TutorTrac for Writing Consultants

6. The Writing Center

7. The Writing Lab

8. OWLs

9. The Writing Process