University Learning Center

Writing Consultant Training Requirements

The University Learning Center's tutor training programs are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. CRLA is a member of CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) and is an internationally recognized tutor training program certification association.

Tutor certification heightens the prestige of your tutoring experience. The ULC's tutor training programs are certified at three levels and each level requires greater engagement with the theories and practices that inform peer academic support. All ULC tutor training programs are on-the-job training, which means that all writing consultants engage in ongoing training as they work. 

All new peer writing consultants are required to achieve Level I certification their first semester on the job and Level II certification during their second semester on the job. 

Each level of certification entails certain requirements, detailed here. These requirements include: attendance at all training meetings, formal and informal writing, and observations and conferences. 
Any questions about training requirements should be directed to the Coordinator of Writing Services.

Writing consultants have the option of pursuing Level III certification. Please notify the coordinator if you are interested in pursuing further certification.

Writing Services Policies and Procedures