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Online Writing Consultation

Your draft must be in Word. If you are using OneDrive, download the paper first so that you can attach that (do not attach from OneDrive).

To submit a draft, click the link below and fill in all fields:

Online Consultation


* We strongly recommend that you submit your draft at least one week before it is due!!*

In order to get an online response you must be a UNCW student.

  • Papers that are longer than ten pages cannot be read in one submission. For lengthy papers, please submit shorter sections of your paper separately.
  • Please make sure that your attached paper does not contain a % or # sign in its name. This can cause an error making it impossible for us to retrieve it to send to a Writing Consultant for review.
  • You should receive your response within 2-3 business days, but this is not guaranteed.
    There are times during the semester when it may take longer to receive an e-response (i.e. mid-term or exam week). If we cannot get a response to you within 3 business days or before the due date, you will be notified.