University Learning Center

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is in person in DePaolo Hall 1056.

The Writing Lab is a drop-in space staffed by a peer writing consultant and is designed to support independent student writers who have quick questions about a developing draft. The lab is generally reserved for quick questions, as opposed to reviewing a full paper. We recommend making an appointment if you want an in-depth overview with a consultant.

  • Students do not schedule Lab time; simply drop in during open hours to work on your writing. 
  • The peer writing consultant in the lab will answer questions and/or provide suggestions on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Writing Lab is closed when classes are not in session.

  Spring 2023 Writing Lab Schedule

DE Lab Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 Sarah H. Katharine Anlie Katharine Amelia
11:00 Megan G. Katharine Anlie Katharine Amelia
Noon Megan G. Hailee Mikaela Leilani Megan S.
1:00 Sarah H. Hailee Mikaela Leilani Megan S.
2:00 Sarah H. Edison Mikaela Hailee
3:00 Mikaela Edison Carter Hailee
4:00 Carter Grayson Carter Jenna
5:00 Carter Grayson Mahpharah Jenna