University Learning Center

Spring 2021 SI Sessions

Click here to access the full schedule. SI Leaders assigned to these courses will be making contact with students via Canvas with announcements, expectations, other important details, and the Zoom link to these sessions.  

To ensure you have the best Virtual SI experience possible, please do the following prior to attending an SI session:

  • Plan to join a session using a laptop or tablet with microphone and camera capabilities – online SI Sessions work best when the leader can see and hear everyone! We strongly recommend NOT attending these on your phone, unless it’s a last resort. Your participation will go smoother by utilizing many of Zoom’s features on a computer.
  • Be ‘present’ and ready to participate, free of distractions.
  • Make sure you’ll be in a place with reliable internet access.
  • If you are participating on-campus from an area where masks are required, wear your mask. Your SI leader may also be wearing a mask, depending on their location.
  • You must participate with your UNCW Zoom account. Personal accounts will not be allowed admittance. 
  • Check to make sure that your computer system is adequate by running a Zoom test call. This can also help you proactively fix any technical difficulties you may encounter.
  • Join the Zoom SI Session on time.