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Below are several resources for new and returning TS tutors. The most important is our Tutor Handbook which provides tutors with everything you need to know to start tutoring at the ULC. The other resources can you help you become a better informed and more effective tutor.

Resources for the beginning of any tutoring session

1. TutorTrac Log-In

2. Copy and paste the TT Notes template from the info below or this document (PDF)

  • Visit #:  
  • Tutee request for session:
  • Topics covered:
  • What the tutee did well
  • How the tutee could improve

3. Tutee Reflection Questions link

Resource List

1. TutorTrac Log-In

2. TutorTrac Notes Template (pdf)

3. Tutor Notes: examples (pdf)

4. Tutee Reflection Question: Tutor instructions (pdf)

      a. Tutee Reflection Questions link

5. Online Zoom tutoring

     a. Tutor online instructions (pdf)

     b. Tutee online instructions (pdf)  

6. Tutor Handbook

     a. The Handbook for All ULC Tutors

     b. The Handbook for Tutoring Services Tutors


Other Resources

Productive Tutoring Techniques

North Carolina State University Undergraduate Tutorial Center (Click "eight modules" link)

Online Tutor Training Project

American River College & City College of San Francisco