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Tutoring Services

Our Mission

Tutoring Services provides academic support in the form of content tutoring for most of the University Studies courses. This mission translates into a tutoring practice that integrates what to study with how to study, thereby fostering independent learning and the development of academic skills that will transfer to other courses.

  • Free: Tutoring is provided free of charge to any UNCW student currently enrolled in a supported course. No additional eligibility criteria needs to be met.
  • One-On-One: Most Tutoring Services tutoring sessions are one-one-one with the tutor.
  • Small Group: Small group (2 or 3 students) sessions are sometimes necessary, based on demand. In addition, small group sessions can be requested.
  • Tutors: All Tutoring Services tutors achieve (or are in the process of achieving) International Tutor Training Certification through the College Reading & Learning Association.
  • Academic Honor Code: The ULC strictly upholds the UNCW academic honor code, and we encourage students to not only assume responsibility for their own learning, but also to take pride in their academic accomplishments.

Supported Courses

Courses: Tutoring Services tutors are available to assist you with most of the following University Studies courses AND select non-University Studies courses. (Exceptions are also listed below)

University Studies website

Exceptions: Tutoring Services strives to support all University Studies courses; however, this is not always possible. The University Studies (US) curriculum includes newly created courses. In addition, the sheer number of US courses means there may be some US courses that Tutoring Services will not be able to support.

Non-University Studies Courses: Tutoring Services supports the following non-University Studies courses:

  • ACG 201 Financial Accounting
  • ACG 203 Managerial Accounting
  • ACG 301 External Financial Reporting
  • BIO 465 Biochemistry
  • MUS 112 Music Theory II
  • PAR 110 Intro to Logic
  • PSY 225 Intro to Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
  • SPN 307 Spanish Phonetics

Student Requests for Tutoring: Tutoring Services strives to meet all student requests for tutoring. However, because the ULC provides peer academic support, our ability to provide academic support is dependent on the availability of qualified, UNCW students to work as peer consultants, leaders, mentors, and tutors. For this reason, the ULC cannot guarantee the availability of academic support.

Courses not supported - For requests outside the group of supported courses, it may be possible to disseminate the name and contact information of the requestor via our bulletin board in the ULC office for a possible private tutoring scenario.**

For this request to occur, the requestor must:

  • Download and complete one of the private tutoring request post (PDF) slips
  • Bring this slip to the ULC office (DE 1056) between 8:00am-5:00pm for approval
  • All posts will be removed after 30 days
  • For issues regarding private tutoring, please contact your tutor only 

**This scenario would constitute a private contract. However, the ULC does not get involved in the terms of negotiation for such contracts, nor can private contract tutoring take place in the ULC. The ULC cannot be held responsible for the conduct of private tutors or for the content of private tutoring sessions.

For Tutors: Before committing to be a private tutor, the ULC strong encourages you to:

  • Meet in person (in a public location) with the requestor before agreeing to anything
  • Negotiate hourly rate and method of payment at the first meeting
  • Tutor in a public location if possible (library, café, even a park)

Tutoring Services Attendance Policy

The ULC Attendance Policy is strictly observed. The Tutoring Services Coordinator is happy to meet with any student who has questions about this policy or who wants to appeal a removal.