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Tutoring Services is administered by the Division of Student Affairs, and we are housed, along with Academic Achievement Services, Math Services, Supplemental Instruction, and Writing Services, in the University Learning Center. We are partnered with these programs as the primary location on campus for academic assistance outside the traditional classroom.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle

Tutoring Services has a tradition of being a student-centered program. We have grown because of our thoroughly dedicated staff, excellent administrative support, and because we have established a pattern of sensitivity to the changing needs of students at UNCW. We offer tutoring support in all University Studies classes to all UNCW students. We have provided learning tutoring & Study Skills consultations since 1994 and average almost 4000 appointments each year.

Somewhere in your academic career, you either intentionally or intuitively learned how to learn.

TS practices integrate what to study with how to study.   For this reason, the concept of metacognition is essential to our philosophy.  In addition, it is important that we make our operation as comfortable as possible for students who come to us for help. The atmosphere of the ULC should be friendly, interested, and understanding of both the importance of learning and the difficulty of asking for help. Many students have the mistaken impression that our services are only remedial. We like to stress the fact that most of the students who utilize our services already make good grades and want to improve their understanding.

The following statement is an effective way to promote the ULC to both tutees and the UNCW community: ULC tutoring is not remediation. The ULC offers a different type of learning opportunity for students who want to increase the quality of their learning.

The following links will provide more detailed information about the duties of a Learning Tutor:

  1. What TS Tutors Do
  2. What TS Tutors Should Remember
  3. Training Requirements
  4. Observations of a Veteran Tutor
  5. Daily Tasks
  6. Payroll Procedures
  7. Preparation for a Session
  8. First Appointment Procedures
  9. Tutee Self-Assessment
  10. New Appointments
  11. Group Tutoring Sessions
  12. Tutee Attendance Policy
  13. Tutor Attendance Policy
  14. Dismissal of Tutee
  15. TutorTrac Procedures
  16. Tutor Trac Notes
  17. Tutor Trac Visit info
  18. If Tutor Trac is not working
  19. Tips for Tutoring
  20. End of Semester Guidelines
  21. Tutor Code of Ethics (National Tutoring Association)