University Learning Center

An Effective Tutoring Session

Is a collaboration between the tutor and the tutee (student).

Asks a tutee to become an engaged and self-disciplined learner.

Responsibilities of the Tutee

  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring course materials with you (textbook, notebook, syllabus, course calendar, old test, etc).
  • Have a clear goal in mind for each tutoring session.
  • Come prepared with questions.
  • Understand that tutoring is a supplement for regular class attendance not a substitute. In other words, a tutor's role is more of a guide or partner instead of an instructor.
  • Be willing to try new ideas suggested by the tutor.
  • Complete any assignment given by the tutor.
  • Utilize the entire 55 minutes of the scheduled tutoring session.
  • Clearly communicate with the ULC front desk staff [not just the tutor] concerning ALL schedule changes.
  • Adhere to the ULC policies listed below.

Responsibilities of the Tutor

  • Tutors will:
    • Take the time to explore your concerns about the course.
    • Help you develop study strategies.
    • Ask you guided questions to inspire you to become an independent learner.
    • Provide you with scenarios/problems similar to your homework assignments and/or test questions.
  • Tutors will NOT:
    • Assist with any assignment you will be submitting for a grade (includes homework, papers, take-home exams, quizzes).
    • Assume the role of lecturer.
  • Tutoring Services Policies

  1. Attendance: Students who miss ULC appointments negatively affect our room availability and limit the number of tutoring hours available.  Per the ULC Attendance Policy, a pattern of missed appoints will result in a student's removal from tutoring appointments.
  2. Cancel: If you need to cancel, it must be done 24 hours in advance: How to Make/Cancel Your Tutoring Appointment.
  3. Respect: Be respectful toward the tutors, the staff, and the ULC's learning environment.