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Math Services

Math Services is administered by the Division of Student Affairs and we are housed, along with Learning Services, Writing Services, and Supplemental Instruction in the University Learning Center. We are partnered with these other programs as the primary location on campus for academic assistance outside of the classroom. The University Learning Center has a tradition of being a student-centered space on campus. An essential component of what makes Math Services student-centered is the work math tutors do with students in the Math Lab. Tutoring for math and statistics courses has been offered at this university for over 20 years. The Math Lab provides an open forum for students to improve the quality of their learning about math and/or statistics; a collaborative learning environment staffed with qualified peer tutors that is unique on this campus.

The ULC has grown because of our thoroughly dedicated staff, abundant administrative support, and because we have established a pattern of sensitivity to the changing needs of students. We work with the entire student body, including: students for whom English is a second language; students with disabilities; non-traditional students; students from across the curriculum; and at-risk students. We are interested in all of the academic needs of our student population.

Important: It is essential that we make our operation as comfortable as possible for students who come to us for assistance. The atmosphere within the Math Lab should be friendly, interested, and understanding of the anxiety many students have about math and asking for help. Many students have the mistaken impression that our services are only remedial. However, we like to stress the fact that many students who utilize services at the ULC are doing well in their classes and only want to do better or clarify certain principles and concepts.

The following links will provide more detailed information about working as a tutor in the Math Lab:

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  6. Procedure for Math Tutors
  7. TutorTrac Sign-in
  8. Making an appointment for yourself with another tutor
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