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Math Tutor Training Requirements

The University Learning Center tutor training program is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. CRLA is a member of CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) and is an internationally recognized tutor program certification association. Tutor certification heightens the prestige of your tutoring experience.

CRLA certification is also recognized by the Association for the Tutoring Profession. Tutors are encouraged to seek individual certification through this organization.

The following table outlines the minimum training all peer math tutors must engage in.

Certification Requirements


Introduction to mission, policies, procedures, and requirements.

Must attend


Several workshops are scheduled throughout the semester. All are relevant to the work you do here. Some may require preparation. A schedule will be provided.

Must attend ALL workshops.

(see Coordinator about time conflicts)

Staff Meetings

A couple meetings will be held each semester. This is an opportunity for the staff to share ideas.

Must attend

Observation Report

Observe another tutor working with a student and write a description and critical analysis of the tutoring session.

Must complete

Reflective Writing

Write about your first couple tutoring sessions. The coordinator will provide reflective prompts if needed.

Must engage in reflective writing.

Coordinator Observation & Conference

The Coordinator observes tutors working with students and meets with the tutor to review and discuss.

Must be observed by and meet with the Coordinator for tutor evaluation.

Create a Research Poster

Create a representation of your research to be displayed in the tutoring center.

Must complete

Poster Presentations

In an 8-10 minute presentation, you will share your research with the coordinator and other peer tutors.

Must present your research findings

The University Learning Center also offers Advanced and Masters level certification training through the course EDN 230: Tutoring Individuals and Small Groups. Please see the Coordinator if you are interested in pursuing further certifications.

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